Visa Medical

Visa Medical-UK TB test

Fee Range

N - N

Check List

1.Proof of identification, which contains your photograph, preferably your passport

proof of payment of the test fee

2.If you are a refugee applicant please go to IOM for your TB test they have offices in Lagos and Abuja

3.If you have had TB in the past or have any other lung disease you should provide details of your previous screening and, if possible, your medical notes and x-ray results

4.If you would like an appointment with a female clinician, please inform the clinic when you schedule your appointment.

Things to note

  • The medical examination will be processed within 3 working days all visa applicants must attend the clinic for the assessment with all the required documents.
  • The initial examination will include a counseling session and signing a consent form
  • Applicants aged 10 and under will go through a medical examination by the physician before a certificate is issued
  • Applicants aged 11 and above will have a chest x-ray done; applicants will then be reviewed by the doctor with the chest x-ray result before a certificate is issued
  • Additional sputum smears and cultures medical procedures may apply in case of abnormal chest x-ray findings and could take up to 8 weeks to get the final results
  • A TB clearance certificate will be issued to the applicant on the day of the examination if the examination result is considered free of active pulmonary TB disease
  • If you do not return within 7 days for sputum collection, you will not get a TB clearance certificate
  • You will be given further testing or told to contact your own health care provider if the examination results are abnormal but the abnormality is not related to TB disease
  • The TB clearance certificate expires 6 months from the chest x-ray date if you had a chest x-ray done, or 6 months from the physical examination date if you don’t need a chest x-ray
  • The TB clearance certificate is valid for 3 months if you have been in contact with a family member with active pulmonary TB\
  • Female applicants may be requested to undergo a pregnancy test, in case there is uncertainty as to whether they may be pregnant
  • Pregnant applicants can decide not to get a chest x-ray examination and instead either give sputum for a TB test on 3 consecutive mornings or delay the TB screening until after giving birth
  • Read more information on TB screening requirements for people applying for a UK visa in countries where TB is common.